Advanced Code Phonics Workbook

The phonics workbook and program that I created and used successfully with nearly 200 of my clients at OnTrack Reading is now available to be used by any parent or reading instructor. You will find it to be one of the best phonics workbooks around for teaching phonics skills, code knowledge, and multisyllable decoding to struggling readers of all ages, including adults. 

Thoughts from the Author: I'm often asked how thorough my Advanced Code Phonics Workbook is, and how it compares to other phonics workbooks and programs. My short, sincere, answer is that I have grandchildren currently under reading age, and if they each know the information in the workbook by the time they are about eight years old, I will be completely comfortable that they know all the phonics they will need, and furthermore, that they will each understand English phonics better than most adults. They will also be prepared to efficiently decode unfamiliar multisyllable words rather than just guessing at them.

Program Details

The entire program consists of the Ontrack Reading Advanced Code Workbook available at the on-demand publisher, plus the separate OnTrack Reading Workbook Instructions that can be ordered from in book form or downloaded free as a PDF using the link below.

Free: Download the Workbook Instructions PDF

The price of the phonics workbook is $22.50 plus shipping. Please also note that though the publisher,, will replace damaged books, there are no returns, refunds, or cancelations allowed on purchases. This is because your workbook will be printed only after you place your order.

Incidentally, a good way to assess what you are getting into before ordering one of the workbooks is to download the workbook instructions here and then view some sample pages of the workbook itself at the publisher's site, View the OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Workbook at When you get there, click "Preview" below the book cover illustration. 

Program Length

If a parent follows the instructions provided and is well-organized when starting each lesson, one hour per day for six to eight weeks (30-40 hours) should be sufficient to finish the workbook. This includes practice time. Additional time should be spent reading the suggested children's literature.

Notice: The OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Workbook is a complete advanced code phonics program, and so it requires adult guidance to implement. You will need to read and follow the thorough, clearly-written, instructions for implementing the program.  It is not a workbook that a child can use independently to practice phonics, but instead is an effective, and inexpensive, means by which to teach a child advanced code phonics in a short period of time. All that is required is the workbook and the instructions. (The instructions can be downloaded free here.)


The OnTrack Reading Phonics Program is not a Basic Code program. That is, it is not used to teach a child the first steps of reading, including the sounds associated with letters like t, b, s, z, etc., nor should it be used to introduce a child to blending simple sounds and recognizing the resultant words. For that purpose, I recommend the book Reading Reflex, because it's generally consistent with the approach taken in the workbook, so the eventual transition to the workbook will be trouble free. 

Essentially though, if your child has had some minimal phonics instruction and can decode words like cat, hill, stop, hand and trip with reasonable consistency, then he should be ready to learn the Advanced Code covered in the workbook.

A Cautionary Note

If your child has already failed to learn to read well using one or more different phonics programs, then I highly recommend that you read Understanding the Dyslexia Puzzle here on my site, paying particular attention to the vision information you'll find there. It's entirely possible that your next step should be a visit to a developmental optometrist in your area, instead of simply purchasing another phonics program and hoping it will be successful. You might also find the information on nutritional deficiencies useful.

In other words, it's quite possible that your child has vision issues that should be addressed first, after which many good phonics programs are likely to work including ones you might already have tried.

The next page, Phonics Workbook Expectations, describes the areas in which you should see improvement by using the OnTrack Reading Phonics Program.