Here are a few of the comments we've received from parents and teachers who've used the OnTrack Reading Phonics Workbook:

From a parent: “My favorite thing about OnTrack is the section at the back of the workbook that presents rules to help a student break down three and four syllable words. These pages have helped my daughter tremendously. Even my older daughter, after overhearing our sessions, told me she now uses this strategy to decode unfamiliar words. I haven't personally used this program for remediation, but I did recommend it to a friend who had a struggling reader. They are using it very successfully, and the student is now reading on grade level. They couldn't be happier, and neither could we. I would recommend OnTrack Reading to anyone who is looking for a firm foundation in reading.”

From a teacher: “The book also includes an ingenious method by which to teach multi-syllable decoding - which should be tried by any teacher struggling to teach a reliable strategy/approach for reading two and three syllable words!”

From a teacher: “I teach high school English for special education students. I began using it for teaching vowel combinations just yesterday. It was very successful. A couple students asked if we could do this again!”

From a parent: “Easy for parents to use – brilliantly simple, logical and straightforward, and it produced effective results after we'd tried a number of popular reading methods without seeing any change.”

From a parent: “Mr. Everson has written an outstanding curriculum. I have been so fortunate to have discovered the Advanced Code Workbook.”

From a parent: “I initially used your program with my own daughter and with great success. She had the basics but simply stopped progressing, and only your program helped her overcome the hurdle of understanding digraphs and the great range of sound combinations available and how to apply them. I spent just under a year doing the program with her (for about 15 minutes, 3-4 days per week) and she is now an amazing reader!”

From a teacher, commenting on the multisyllable method: “I teach 5th graders. Even my highest readers have had 'Ah ha!' moments using these rules. I have some very low readers, 2nd and 3rd grade levels, that are now decoding at a much higher rate. Thanks for this resource.”