Purchase Orders

We gladly accept Purchase Orders (POs) for our Phonics Program and other literacy resources, with a minimum order value of $100. To submit a request for pricing and information, visit our page on Purchase Orders.

Book Printing, Delivery, and Returns

When your order for a printed book is placed, it is sent to an on-demand publisher for printing and mailing. Various delivery options are available, but the printing process takes a few days so next-day, or two-day delivery is unrealistic. Most orders are delivered at the Media Mail rate which is free if you order the set consisting of one workbook and one instruction manual. Faster delivery is available on checkout, but bear in mind the need to print the books before they can be delivered.

The printer will accept returns of books that are misprinted or damaged in delivery, but since the books are printed only after you place an order they cannot be returned for other reasons.

Digital Licensing

Purchasing the digital PDF version of the OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Phonics Program grants a non-transferable, annual license for educational purposes only. This license is valid for approximately 15 months (460 days) to accommodate the school/business budgeting process. Usage is limited to the maximum number of students permitted by the selected license tier. Copies made within the 460-day period may be used post-expiration, provided the total students served does not exceed the allowed maximum. Distribution of the Licensed Materials to anyone outside the purchasing organization, except for students using the program, is prohibited.

For more information, please read our full Digital Licensing Agreement and Digital Product Refund Policy.

Bulk Order Discounts

Private tutors, school teachers, or school administrators may be interested in ordering multiple copies of the workbook. Discount codes are available for larger workbook orders (10 copies minimum) or full program orders (workbook with instruction manual, 5 copies minimum). A complete list of discounts is available on our Bulk Orders page.

Questions & Feedback

Contact us with questions regarding your order or with questions on using the program. We will do our best to facilitate your order or to answer questions on the curriculum you might have while implementing it. Comments on the program's design are also welcomed and will usually receive replies.