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ERR (merry) Sound Word List

By Rodney Everson • Updated Jun 6th, 2023

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The /err/ sound in this curriculum has four spellings, ere (there), err (err), ar (scarce), and arr (arrow, but no one-syllable words). These spellings are found mostly in longer words.

Note: Words in which a typical /ae/ spelling is followed by the letter "r", such as air, share, and bear, are not on this list. Instead, they appear on the word list for the spellings of the /ae/ sound because they can be easily blended as two sounds.

The /err/ sound is a controversial inclusion in a list of English vowel sounds. There is an extended discussion of the issue on the page itself, but essentially, if all three words in the phrase “Marry merry Mary” sound identical in your region, consider including the /err/ sound in the curriculum.

Of the 7,000 words in the database constructed from a popular children’s dictionary, four of them are one-syllable words in which the vowel sound is /err/.

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