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Phonogram Flash Cards

This set of printable phonics flashcards consists of 84 letters and digraphs and the most common sounds represented by each. They provide a working set of phonograms for a young child learning to read, or for an older child that needs a clearer understanding of English phonics. The set can be used as a stand-alone instructional tool or as a review either during or after the use of the OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Phonics Workbook.

Free Sample of First 30 Flash Cards

Download the First 30 Phonogram Flash Cards

The full set of phonogram flash cards consists of 84 cards, and is offered for sale at Lulu.com at a modest price. To see what you would be getting, the above sample set consists of the first 30 cards, front and back, so that you can download them, print them out, and try them with your child to see how they will work out for you. Once your child knows the content of all 84 flash cards, he will have an excellent grasp of the English phonics code. Then it's just a matter of teaching proper word attack, so that guessing is avoided, and the permissable options are attempted when decoding an unfamiliar word. 

If you decide to use the OnTrack Reading Phonogram Set, you might be interested in reading a few of the articles in the Perspectives blog also, since the use of the flash card set is discussed in a few of the articles there. The article Teaching the OnTrack Reading Phonogram Set should be particularly useful

Description of the Flash Cards

Each card has a phonogram, either a single letter or a digraph, on the front. On the back are listed the various pronunciation options, with examples, for the phonogram on the front of the card. For example, the c card shows the options /c/ (cat) and /s/(city), whereas the o card shows the options /o/ (hot), /oe/ (cold), and /oo/ (do).

Also, on the backs of some of the cards, some phonics cues are listed, such as "This is the ending /oy/" on the back of the oy card, or "This is the marker /ch/" on the back of the tch card. (The concept of a marker is used in the OnTrack Reading Multisyllable Method.)

Obtaining the Flash Cards

The OnTrack Reading Phonogram Flash Cards can be purchased as a PDF from the on-demand printer, Lulu.com. A home printer and card stock can then be used to create the flash cards. When you get to Lulu.com, the Preview under the cover picture will allow you to view the front and back of all 84 cards.

Just to reiterate, the flash cards are not a requirement when using the OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Phonics Workbook. They are a stand-alone item that can be used independently for initial teaching, or for review of the phonics code after going through the advanced code workbook.

If you do decide to purchase the flash cards, the next page explains the system of notation used to designate the 43 English sounds covered by the cards.