A Guide To Overcoming Your Child’s Reading Problems

Child with Reading Problems

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Hi. My name is Rodney Everson. For over a decade, I provided phonics instruction to about 200 struggling readers, many of them quite intelligent. During that time I drew some conclusions about their situations which, if you are a parent of a child struggling with reading, you might find both surprising and encouraging.

First though, if you're just here seeking a phonics program, The OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Phonics Workbook contains one of the fastest, most effective,  and reasonably-priced, advanced code phonics program you will find. And it's appropriate for any age once your child knows the basic code, the sounds represented by single letters, like "t," "v," and "m." 

The workbook covers all of the phonics that your child will ever need to know. In addition, if your child is already comfortable with one-syllable words, but struggles with longer, multisyllable words, then the free lessons in The OnTrack Reading Multisyllable Method might be sufficient for your purpose. (See Choosing the Right Phonics Program before deciding which route to take.)

An Alternate Route

However, if you're like many visitors to this site, your child might have already tried one or two phonics programs, yet still struggles to read. As a matter of fact, I had that same experience with some of my earlier students using the program above. Then, through a fortunate encounter, I learned that the answer to their struggling lay elsewhere, and in time developed an appreciation for something called vision therapy.

Now, after a decade of working with children with obvious reading problems whether they were considered dyslexic or not, I've decided that the majority of children who struggle with reading are fighting undiagnosed, and therefore untreated, vision problems of one form or another. Furthermore, I've lately begun to wonder if the vision issues don't have an even deeper cause, insufficient nutrition, including a possible vitamin D deficiency. If you'd like to pursue these avenues, the place to start is Understanding the Dyslexia Puzzle. In particular, be sure to read The Vision Piece of the Dyslexia Puzzle.

More: Modifying a Popular Homeschooling Program, and Word Lists Galore

If you're a homeschooling parent, check out the OnTrack Reading Homeschooling Program, which both simplifies the coding process of the well-respected reading program developed by Romalda Spalding in her book, The Writing Road to Reading, and also incorporates the extremely effective multisyllable chunking method used in the OnTrack Reading Phonics Program.

Or, if you're a parent or teacher looking for lists of kid-level words for whatever purpose, take a look at the 101 word lists constructed from a 7,000-word database based on a children's dictionary, and organized by either vowel sounds or consonant spellings. You can find them under the Comprehensive Word Lists tab.