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Middle School Phonics Course - Digital Download

PDF version. Based on the OnTrack Multisyllable Method, this condensed phonics course describes a day-by-day instructional sequence that any content-area teacher in middle school, or even high school, can use to improve their students’ ability to decode multisyllable words. The curriculum consists of 10 scripted lesson plans, each taking about 15 minutes of class time.

Course Purpose

Many content-area teachers encounter between 80 to 150 students each day. Among these young minds, it’s estimated that a considerable 10 to 15 percent have grappled with reading challenges, their struggles often rooted in early-grade vision issues. However, with their brains maturing and adapting to these issues over time, many of these older students now find themselves in a position where they can learn to read efficiently.

At this critical juncture, a teacher’s dedicated guidance can make a profound difference. By leading your students on the final leg of their journey toward efficient reading, you can open doors to better understanding, enhanced communication, and lifelong success that might otherwise remain elusive.

Lesson Structure

To support your teaching efforts, we present a 10-lesson plan utilizing the OnTrack Reading Multisyllable Method. This curriculum is designed for ease of integration into your existing teaching plans, consisting of 10 scripted lesson plans, each taking about 15 minutes of class time. The lessons are focused on a critical aspect of reading proficiency – decoding multisyllable words.

The lesson purpose, pre-class preparation, and in-class procedure are described in detail for each lesson. A course follow-up lesson is also included, along with supporting word lists and additional worksheets focused on vowel and consonant sound review.

Digital Licensing Agreement

Purchasing the digital PDF of the OnTrack Reading Middle School Phonics Course grants the buyer a license for use by one teacher with their students. The license is a non-transferable, individual, lifetime license for that teacher to use for personal, educational, and instructional use.

The license may not be used by, shared with, or transferred to other individuals. Copies may be provided to students, aides, and substitute teachers as necessary. Copies may also be shared with parents, supervisors, or administrators for review purposes only.

Any usage beyond the scope of this Agreement, including commercial use, sharing with others without additional licenses, or making the Licensed Materials publicly available, is prohibited.

For additional teacher licenses or to inquire about volume licensing options, please contact OnTrack Reading.

Digital Product Refund Policy

We stand behind our program and your satisfaction is important to us. However, due to the immediate access and delivery of digital products, we generally do not allow refunds once a digital product has been purchased and delivered.

If you change your mind about your purchase and you have not downloaded our product, we will happily issue a refund upon your request.

Refund requests made after you have downloaded our product are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Refund requests, if any, must be made within seven (7) days of your original purchase.

For more information, please read our full Digital Product Refund Policy.

  • Ahead of the #SoR curve for a long time!

    “I've actually used OnTrackReading's highly effective approach to multisyllable words for years. For many children, realising that they *can* read long scary words is the final key to reading success. Rod's been ahead of the US #SoR curve for a long time!”

    — Twitter User
  • Even my highest readers have had 'Ah ha!' moments

    “I teach 5th graders. Even my highest readers have had 'Ah ha!' moments using these rules. I have some very low readers, 2nd and 3rd grade levels, that are now decoding at a much higher rate. Thanks for this resource.”

    — Christine V.
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